Yorkie-thon 4 LIVE STREAM!


One of the greatest podcasts I’ve ever heard is The Movie Crypt, hosted by filmmakers Adam Green (“Hatchet,” “Frozen,” “Digging Up the Marrow”) and Joe Lynch (“Mayhem,” “Point Blank,” “Wrong Turn 2”).

Every week includes interviews with amazing individuals in the film and music world, including Mick Garris, Slash from Guns n’ Roses, Chris Columbus (the filmmaker, not the other guy), Greg Nicotero, and more.

For the last four years, The Movie Crypt has hosted a 48-hour LIVE episode in order to raise money for The Save a Yorkie Foundation. This money goes toward helping dogs that need surgery, rehabilitation, nutritional therapy, and more. It’s a great cause, and it’s a great excuse to stay up for 48 hours listening to interviews. Although it’s free to listen, you’re encouraged to make a small donation at some point.

ALSO, there’s “Arwen’s Silent Auction” happening until Sunday the 15th! This auction includes several items signed by famous individuals in the horror industry, comedy stars, musicians, and more. You can even bid on a one-hour “date” with the filmmakers!

Both events are happening RIGHT NOW, and they end the evening of Sunday the 15th!

Link to the LIVE 48-hour Yorkiethon here

Link to Arwen’s Silent Auction here

From the Ariescope Pictures main page:

Los Angeles, CA – October 31, 2019.THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast announces “Yorkiethon 4” – the podcast’s fourth annual 48-hour livebroadcast to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue.  December 13th– 15th, 2019 filmmakers and MOVIE CRYPT co-hosts Adam Green (HATCHET, FROZEN), Joe Lynch (MAYHEM, POINT PLANK) and Arwen the Yorkie will once again be staying on the air livefor two days straight in an effort to help save abandoned and abused Yorkshire Terriers.  The annual two day long variety show will feature dozens of celebrity artists and special guests appearing around the clock and performing live comedy, live music, live film commentaries, live script readings, live special FX/art demonstrations, live interviews, and more. In addition to the non-stop live entertainment, “Yorkiethon 4” will once again offer Arwen’s Silent Auction where fans can bid on donated items ranging from autographed movie memorabilia to dates with the three hosts.

“Our annual “Yorkiethon” has become the most important thing that we do each year,” says co-host Adam Green. “Not only do we help save a ton of dogs every Christmas but we see our Hollywood community selflessly come together to accomplish something good.” The list of artists that appear during each year’s 48 hour “Yorkiethon” is always kept as a surprise for listeners but previous guests have included comedian and filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait (WORLD’S GREATEST DAD), actor and screenwriter Thomas Lennon (RENO 911!), filmmaker Joe Dante (GREMLINS), musician Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE), comedian Doug Benson (DOUG LOVES MOVIES), Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden (MYSTIC RIVER), actor Seth Green (FAMILY GUY), Bryan Fuller (HANNIBAL), and the late horror icon Sid Haig (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS). “Programming two straight days of guests and events and then staying on the air for the full 48 hours is no easy feat,” says co-host Joe Lynch. “But every donation that we see come in is like an adrenaline shot of joy that keeps us more caffeinated than the gallons of coffee that we drink each year.”

“In the past few months alone, Save A Yorkie Rescue has spent over $32,000.00 on our medically complex dogs and our yearly cost exceeds $100,000.00 for medical expenses,” says Cathy Wehrman, Foster Coordinator for Save A Yorkie Rescue. “Without the funds raised through “Yorkiethon” we would be unable to save some of the dogs that we currently accept.” To date THE MOVIE CRYPT’s annual “Yorkiethon” has raised $75,000.00 for the non-profit, volunteer dog Rescue that specializes in rescuing abandoned and abused Yorkshire Terriers.

The live stream for “Yorkiethon 4” will be available to listen to (and watchduring select video segments) on ArieScope.com where links will be provided to either donate money or bid on items in Arwen’s Silent Auction with all proceeds going to Save A Yorkie Rescue.


About THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast: THE MOVIE CRYPT is a weekly podcast on the FANGORIA Podcast Network that features some of the entertainment industry’s greatest artists sharing their career journeys and the various personal hurdles they have faced along their way.  Hosted by filmmakers and HOLLISTON TV series co-stars Adam Green (HATCHET, FROZEN) and Joe Lynch (MAYHEM, POINT BLANK) along with Arwen the Yorkie, a new episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT has been released on all podcast platforms every Monday morning since the show first premiered on May 6, 2013.

About SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE: Save A Yorkie Rescue is a non-profit, fully volunteer rescue for abandoned and abused Yorkshire Terriers in need of foster and medical care. The volunteers at Save A Yorkie Rescue have saved over 2,500 dogs since the organization was established in 2002.


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