Okay, so this is a bit different. This is a post which has NOTHING to do with my books, NOTHING to do with my upcoming events, and NOTHING to do with horror in general. This is a post about Avengers: Endgame. Absolutely NO SPOILERS ahead (I’ll do the best I can), but I just have […]

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Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

I hope you’re having a happy Easter with your loved ones! For those of you who celebrated 4/20 yesterday, I hope today brings you just as much strange happiness (though, let’s be real, if you have kids you’re probably still hitting that joint a few times today…and none of us blame you.) This week’s been […]

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A Bloody Good Time

It’s April 14th….WINTER IS HERE!! Who’s excited to watch all their favorite Game of Thrones characters die horribly over the next month? I’m joking, of course. I love this show, and it’s a bummer that it’s almost wrapped. I’m very impressed, however, that HBO saw the project through from beginning to end without cancelling the show […]

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Happy (Belated) National Siblings Day!

Yesterday was National Siblings Day! I unfortunately didn’t know this was even a holiday until it already passed, but it’s a good thing I noticed, because… Birthday Girl: Coronation follows a pair of siblings. I can’t give much more information just yet, though I can say neither sibling appeared in Birthday Girl. The cover reveal for Birthday […]

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