Conveniently Unconventional Conventions

It’s been busy in an awesome way lately. Two new projects are taking up a lot of my time, along with a few short stories that I’ve been occasionally poking at whenever I have time. The past week has flown by pretty quickly. Last Friday I got to see a friend from college I haven’t […]

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“Give It Away, Now!”

Fast week, but lots to show for it. I’m averaging about four handwritten pages a night, which is pretty good for me, but nothing compared to the speed of some other authors. Other than Birthday Girl: Coronation, I’m also editing a YA novel called┬áMoving Through and writing the first draft of a short story I […]

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Hot Hot Hot!

The infernal punishment of the Scoville Scale has been inflicted on my stomach, and I honestly can’t say I don’t deserve it. I’ve started growing Chocolate Bhutlah peppers in my apartment, and these are apparently the HOTTEST of the hot peppers…so, of course, I want to eat one. I have a longstanding history of doing […]

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