Paperbacks, Sequel Plans, and New Movies

So much good stuff happening on the Birthday Girl front!

First (and most importantly), the Kindle edition is available NOW on Amazon for only $2.99.You can find it here.

Early reader reviews via Facebook have been extremely positive. Here’s feedback from a reader named Lucas, who snagged the e-book as soon as it came out:

“Just finished reading Birthday Girl by Ash Crowlin. Disgusting, compelling, and all around entertaining to read.”

I’ve sent copies out to several horror review sites, so we’ll find out before long if others like the book as much as Lucas did. Here’s hoping!

If you haven’t already, follow my social media pages for news on upcoming projects and chances to win copies of Birthday Girl and books by some of my favorite authors.

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I also received the proof copies of the paperback edition, and I’m happy to say they look as beautiful as I envisioned. There were only a few minor details that needed correcting (the page numbers on even pages were on the crease rather than on the outside of the page), but these should be widely available to readers by Halloween…maybe a few days sooner… 🙂


Recently I found a few places willing to carry a few paperbacks on their shelves, which will make selling easier. I’ve even found a few locations willing to host signing events, which is exciting. I’ve never done a signing before (unless you count checks to my landlord), so I’m reading up on the necessary materials for a successful event. If you have any ideas, or if you’ve been to a lot of author signings and want to tell what you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy about them, drop me a line.

While all these details are new and exciting, I’m keeping my eye on what’s most important for a developing writer…writing. Every spare second of every day, wherever I’m at, I’m working on something. Journaling. Blogging. Shopping lists. My big project right now is cleaning up drafts of books II and III of Birthday Girl. Part two is pretty much done, but part three is still nothing but a bare skeleton. Outlines are great, though I didn’t have much of an appreciation for them until recently. Ever since high school, I’d just write whatever scenes I already had finished in my head and figure the rest out on the page. Sometimes it wouldn’t work out, and I’d get frustrated. Most of the time it would at least be something, which is better than nothing. I’ve got a long way to go before I can go doling out sage-like wisdom on writing, but I’m learning what works well for me.

Speaking of sequels, the title of the next book in the Birthday Girl series is given at the end of part one, and it’s a pretty big hint of what direction I’m taking the story in. However, I’m a big fan of misdirection…so maybe it won’t go that way after all. I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned.

I’m not a big fan of talking about only myself, so let’s talk about some new movies and shows I’ve seen recently:


The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix): Once I started, I was hooked like a junkie. Two days went by where I put all my social plans aside so that I could devour these ten episodes and get my fix. All in all, it was extremely creepy and well-executed. The characters weren’t very likeable at first, which rubbed me the wrong way, but each of them grew on me by episode five or so. Theo was my favorite (probably because she was super hot, but maybe because she also had the most interesting powers). I’ve never read Shirley Jackson’s novel, so I won’t pretend to compare it to the adaptation like so many literary snobs. All I can say is I loved the three sleepless nights this show inspired.


Venom: I don’t understand why this movie’s gotten so much hate. As a comic book movie, I doubt it was intended to be taken seriously. Some of the director choices blatantly screamed “90s throwback,” so I decided very quickly to just enjoy it for the cheese fest that it was. Tom Hardy was fantastic, as usual, and the banter between him and his symbiote (don’t call it a parasite!) was hilarious. I’m excited for the sequel, and for the debut of my favorite Marvel villain.


Hell Fest: This movie sucked. There’s no kind way of saying it. As a commercial for the amusement park of my horror-loving dreams, it worked well. As a narrative, however, it was just terrible. The only redeemable part of the whole movie was Bex Taylor-Klaus (of Scream: The TV Series fame), who played a character most horror fans can relate to and root for. Also, bonus points for a well-spent gore budget–the kill scenes were visually stimulating, even when they fell flat. I just wish there’d been more tension throughout the movie.


A Star is Born: I’m completely floored by how well Bradley Cooper executed his directorial debut. Everything about this movie worked for me, even the long lulls between “important” scenes. Lady Gaga is impressive, as usual, and the emotion she brought to the role gave the movie something none of the previous iterations had (I didn’t know this was the third or fourth remake until I found the other versions on Amazon when I got home). This is the first time I’ve seen a theatre full of full-grown men crying just as much as their women and children. Not gonna lie, the ending wrecked me a bit, too.

And, of course…


Halloween (2018): To start with, I feel like expectations for this movie were through the roof, and nothing could ever have lived up to almost two years of hype. That being said, I really, really loved this movie. Laurie Strode was the most integral part of the movie, and my only complaint is that we didn’t spend more time with just her and Michael. A lot of the movie focuses on Laurie’s granddaughter and her friends, who weren’t very interesting until they were killed one-by-one (not even a spoiler; if you’ve ever seen a slasher movie before, you know as soon as you meet them they’re toast). I’ve seen a lot of complaint over the years about how Rob Zombie’s remake was too gore-centric and far, far removed from the original John Carpenter classic. This is just my opinion, but the 2018 sequel is WAAAAY gorier and nearly as uneven. Again, I loved this movie, but it’s not completely flawless, and like most slasher films, it will be forgotten by mainstream audiences as soon as the next one comes out. I wish we didn’t already know a sequel was in the works, because that sorta ruins the ending.

What are your thoughts on these movies? What have you seen lately, and what are you looking forward to? Send me your thoughts–I love chatting with fellow horror hounds 🙂

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