Birthday Girl – Early Release!

SURPRISE! Birthday Girl is available in paperback a few days early, which means you can add it to your trick-or-treat bag before Halloween!


You can order your copy here

I’ve had a fun few days in non-writing-related life. On Friday I went with some friends to The Haunted Hydro in Fremont, OH, which is by far the best haunted house I’ve ever been to. A lot of my friends from Ination in Bowling Green, OH work there, and it’s great to see them perform with absolute dedication to their characters. Their makeup art is fantastic, and the amount of time the set designers spent creating a new atmosphere every season is borderline genius. If you live in Ohio, I recommend rounding up a group of friends and making a night of The Haunted Hydro!

Last night I dressed up for a Halloween bar crawl in Sandusky, OH. I went as Negan from The Walking Dead, and I’m really happy with how well my costume came together. A lot of people took pictures with me, and I got to “bash in” a few Rick Grimes’ heads!


I also got to chat with horror rock band The Mary Lous, whose debut music video “I Wish Bruce Campbell Was My Boyfriend” recently premiered online. They’re an interesting group with a strong connection to the horror community and influences ranging from Jack Off Jill to Tom Waits. I really dig the electric ukulele, and the gorgeous lead singer has the most amazing collection of tattoos. Check out a recent interview of their here!


That’s all for now–keeping this entry short and sweet! I hope you all have a happy Halloween! Remember, over-indulging on candy is no way to get “ahead” in life 🙂


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