New Young Adult Book!

I have a new YA fiction novel called Moving Through coming out on February 14th!

Moving Through will be released under my real name, Chase Will. Please consider following me there as well, since I intend to release several more novels under this name in addition to releasing splatterpunk books under Ash Crowlin.

The story follows a high school senior named Trey Matthews and his close-knit circle of 3 a.m. misfits as they mourn the loss of their mentor, an old man they call “Grandpa.” After accidentally starting a school-wide rebellion during the world’s most disastrous talent show, Trey struggles to glue the pieces of his broken reality into a weapon against uncertainty and grief, while discovering the bright side of being a little… well… mentally unstable.

“Crazy can sense crazy.”

The book doesn’t have have all the splatter and “shock value” of Birthday Girl, but it does have vivid hallucinations, out-of-control pranks, and a new idea of what it means to be rebellious or “punk rock.”

Paperbacks won’t be available until February 14th, but you can pre-order the digital edition here.

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