Day 10 (10 GDoC)

I hope you all had a merry Christmas. I know how stressful it can  be, gathering your loved ones under the guise of holiday love and positioning them perfectly around the tree so that your mass sacrifice to Ba’al goes off without a hitch. Hopefully you remembered to set out plenty of fake presents to catch the blood spray. When in doubt, shop for the ‘extra absorbent’ wrapping paper from Dollar General, none of that high-end stuff.

Anyway, here’s another song.



“Demon Baby”

(To the tune of “Santa Baby”)

Demon Baby slit the womb right open with glee, now free

Gonna he enslave the whole world.

Demon Baby, a bloodthirsty little delight.

Demon Baby, covered in gore and bone fragments too. He slew

everyone that was near.

Demon Baby, giggling at your terminal fright.

It climbs the walls with a snakelike hiss

and waits to maul everyone who sees it.

The tears he sees from every victim

go silent when he pulls their head off with a twist.

Demon Baby, an entity brought by occultists plot.

Even angels fear

Demon Baby, he reign began a dark Christmas night.

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