Day Three (10GDoC)

I just drove eight hours from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and now that I’m hopelessly addicted to Peaky Blinders, I can’t be trusted to spend much time writing these intro paragraphs.

But the first step to addiction is admitting it, so…progress?

Remember to hang lights on your front porch for Cthulhu’s imminent arrival 🙂



“Your Lives are in Danger”

(To the tune of “Away in a Manger”)


Your lives are in danger

and you’ll soon be dead.

You’ve read the dark book,

incantations were said.

The ones that’ve died

will rise from their graves

to tear out your throats

and to feast on your brains.

The neighbors are screaming

as the whole town shakes

The Old Ones are here

and they’re now wide awake.

You’ve ushered the ending

of the human race.

Our Dark Lord Cthulhu

has come to lay waste.

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