The 10 Gory Days of Christmas (Day Two)

In the spirit of celebrating a holiday centered around a half-naked chiseled guy who got whipped and nailed in a non-sexy way, Day Two of The 10 Gory Days of Christmas is in pretty poor taste. If you’ve read my work, this really shouldn’t bother you.

Much love from California 🙂


“Gacy the Clownish Strangler”

(To the tune of “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer”)


You know Dahmer and Bundy and ol’ Charlie Manson,

H.H. Holmes, Albert Fish, hogging the action.

But do you recall

The most fucked-up killer of all?

Gacy the Clownish Strangler

Had a wire garrote.

And if you ever saw it,

it was during your death throes.

All of his many victims,

thought he was a friendly soul.

But when he wasn’t Pogo,

he was putting bodies in holes.

Then one day in ’78

Gacy’s crimes were found:

A crawlspace filled with dead young boys

he’d used for sick and twisted joys.

Oh how it shocked his neighbors,

who thought he wouldn’t hurt a fly!

The friendly clown they’d all trusted,

spent nights making young men die!

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