I’m sore.

So, so sore.

And I love it.


No, this isn’t my poor attempt at poetry, just some post-training complaints after a grueling (and awesome) week returning to my powerlifting training after five months of recovery.

I had two small tears in my abdominal muscle walls back in March, not quite a hernia but enough to cause noticeable pain in m’berries. It was less than two weeks after my little brother passed away, and frankly, I was in a pretty terrible headspace. The gym is where I go to fix my head, and I always feel my best after heavy training, probably because there’s a great feeling of achievement from reaching weekly goals. So, although it probably wasn’t a great idea to continue my linear weight training cycle while in this dark place, I was stubborn as all hell, and I got injured because of it.


I’d originally intended to compete again toward the end of this year, but since I’m just now getting back into “heavy” lifting, I’m not going to any powerlifting meets until early 2020. My numbers aren’t very competitive, anyway, even with consideration to my height and weight, but powerlifting meets bring me an indescribable adrenaline rush. For now, I’m rebuilding my eating habits, stretching and foam-rolling daily, and doing everything I can to keep up the progression momentum.

I don’t think I’ve talking very much about weightlifting on this site, but there’s a lot to be said for putting a loaded barbell on your back and sticking to a set game plan. I’m never going to be a super-strong man, at least not compared to the guys who are squatting 700 lbs on their “light” day. That aspect doesn’t really matter to me, though; to me, the greatest thing about weightlifting is the set of habits and thought patterns which accompany the minor successes over a long period of time. You spend a lot of time under the bar grinding out sets, and everyone misses their share of reps…but you’re taking tiny steps on a long and scary path toward your ever-changing goals, and you’re teaching yourself to get back up no matter what. Too many people give up on a project as soon as it becomes difficult (I mean, fuck, look no further than my desk drawer full of half-finished short stories…). Barbell training teaches lasting discipline–you adhere to a schedule, or you fail to meet your goal; you adhere to a healthy diet with very little wiggle room for binge drinking and recreational drugs, or you fail to meet your goals; you commit to getting a full 6-8 hours of sleep every night, or you fail to meet your goals. I could go on and on about the benefits of picking up heavy shit and moving it. If the above points don’t convince you to give weightlifting the old college try, consider this: how many more books will you be able to read with the extra few years added on to your life?


I have quite a busy few weeks coming up. First, I have a vendor table at the Cleveland Comic and Toy Show on September 7th and 8th, and I’m pretty excited to see what sort of other vendors this show will draw. Second, I leave directly from the convention to Los Angeles for a business trip, and two days later, I’m making the eight-hour drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Finally, once I land back in Cleveland late on a Friday night, I’m driving to Hocking Hills for a Friday the 13th camping trip with a few good friends.

So…if I go missing for a while, keep in mind: I chose to go camping in the woods on Friday-the-goddamn-Thirteenth.


I’ve seen a lot of movies lately, but the one that deserves the most attention is Ready or Not. I absolutely loved this movie. Loved it. It was fun, witty, tense, and never boring. A few people may complain about the predictable script, but I didn’t really mind it. I don’t go to movies like this to pick the story apart or point out plot holes, I go to be entertained, and if I’m entertained I’m happy. Samara Weaving (i.e., Margot Robbie’s doppelganger) has had an amazing last few years in horror and action movies, such as Better Watch Out and Mayhem, and Ready or Not is another brilliant performance on her part. She’s beautiful, charming, and knows how to nail every comedic moment to its full potential.

Not much news on the writing front. I’ve taken a bit of time off recently while I get my mind and body back to where I feel best. Keep an eye out, though…I have a few cool things coming out soon.

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