Hot Hot Hot!


The infernal punishment of the Scoville Scale has been inflicted on my stomach, and I honestly can’t say I don’t deserve it.

I’ve started growing Chocolate Bhutlah peppers in my apartment, and these are apparently the HOTTEST of the hot peppers…so, of course, I want to eat one. I have a longstanding history of doing dumb things simply because I know they’re terrible ideas. One time I popped a Ghost Pepper in my mouth and swallowed it nearly whole just to spite my roommate, who claimed he’d eat one if I did it first…he never actually fulfilled his end of the bet, but I at least learned I have an affinity for terribly spicy foods.

Anyway, to prepare myself for defeating the fiery Chocolate Bhutlah, I’ve been eating a small bit of cut up Habanero pepper every morning to train my stomach. Maybe it will work, or maybe I’ll just get an ulcer. Regardless, I’ll be sure to record myself when I eventually have a Chocolate Bhutlah ready for consumption.


Speaking of hot things, I want to give a shout out to the kind reader who messaged me on Facebook and told me I’m going to Hell. I’ve always wanted to visit Disneyland, and it warms my heart that you believe in my vision of getting there.

Writing has slowed down recently. It’s easy to blame “writers block,” but if we’re being honest, I’ve just been lazy about sticking to my nightly routine. I’m not ashamed to take the occasional vacation, even if it’s a vacation from something I love doing. In the meantime, I’m watching a lot of movies and TV. Here are my thoughts of a few:

Detective Pikachu (2019)


I saw this Thursday night, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Though it’s a kids movie, the theater was packed with mostly guys in their early-to-mid-thirties. I feel like this movie was made for us, and a lot of particularly dirty jokes were said in a way that would go over kids’ heads and make us laugh our asses off. It was just the right amount of fan service mixed with a fun story. The characters had heart, so it wasn’t just a soulless attempt to capitalize on the waning popularity of Pokemon Go. Ryan Reynolds was hilarious, as expected, and he played Pikachu as more than just a G-rated Deadpool. I recommend seeing this movie, especially if you grew up loving the Pokemon game or have kids of your own.

Long Shot (2019)


Seth Rogen is one of my favorite actor-comedians in the business. Say what you will about his annoying laugh and how he only plays one type of character, but I love the guy. This movie keeps his typical raunchy humor, but also manages to pull off a believable love story with Charlize Theron. His character was multi-dimensional, so if you’re someone who bitches endlessly about his lack of range, maybe you’ll enjoy this one. The only thing that really bothered me about the movie was Charlize Theron’s character. Certain moments felt stilted, as if the screenwriters cherry-picked a few messages from social activists and forced them into her dialogue. That being said, Charlize Theron is a great actress and deserves all the kudos for once again proving she’s one of the most talented people in the Hollywood.

Shazam! (2019)


This movie was WAAAAY better than I anticipated. I assumed it would be a total mess, because it’s a DC movie, but it proved that they’ve finally figured out how to create a compelling story instead of just adding a lifeless character into a crappy cinematic universe. It’s not quite as good as anything Marvel’s done lately, but it’s at least better than Ant-man and Avengers: Age of Ultron. What I especially liked about it was the whimsical humor, which has been mostly absent from superhero movies, mixed with a story that keeps you from taking a bathroom break midway through.

Supernatural: Season 14


I’m a longtime fan of Supernatural, as evidenced by me making it through 14 whole seasons. I lost my little brother earlier this year, and Supernatural was one of the shows we talked about a lot and bonded over, so watching a season without him around was a little difficult.

Season 14 is by far the best in the history of the show. It has everything a fan expects, and the ending goes in a completely different direction than what things seem to lead toward. The showrunner is definitely ballsy, because the “bad guy” next season is going to cause some controversy from certain fanatics who may not even watch the show. I won’t spoil anything…if you’re a fan of Supernatural, season 14 is currently available on Netflix and you have no excuse to not binge watch it immediately.

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