Happy Zombie Jesus Day!


I hope you’re having a happy Easter with your loved ones! For those of you who celebrated 4/20 yesterday, I hope today brings you just as much strange happiness (though, let’s be real, if you have kids you’re probably still hitting that joint a few times today…and none of us blame you.)

This week’s been great for horror fans. We got The Curse of La Llorona on Thursday (haven’t seen it yet, definitely want to), and then we got the first full trailer for the upcoming Child’s Play remake on Friday morning.

Trailer here!

I wasn’t too excited about the Child’s Play remake at first. Most remakes are absolutely terrible, and rather than pay their respects to the originals, they spit on everything that made the progenitors work so well. Freddy, Jason, Leprechaun, and Pinhead all had godawful reboots, and no matter how much I try to look past their flaws and see their merits, they feel completely soulless.

However, we’ve also had some amazing reboots in recent years. Although the Evil Dead reboot a few years ago left a sour taste in some fans’ mouths (I’m of the minority who loved it), we were given three great seasons of the official continuation series, Ash vs. the Evil Dead. Last year we got Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, which paid its respects to the original films while providing a fresh take and waaaaaay gorier kills. It was actually my second-favorite in the entire Puppet Master franchise.

Puppet Master

Having said all that, I’m starting to get pretty excited about this new take on Chucky (voiced by legendary Mark Hamill). The trailer makes it seem like this will be an R-rated version of Small Soldiers, which I guess I’m okay with (the voodoo shit was getting old anyway), and it’s been promised that 90% of Chucky’s scenes will be animatronic rather than CGI. I’m also a huge Aubrey Plaza fan, and it’ll be neat to see her in the mom role rather than her standard sarcastic-funny role. I’ve been fooled before by movies I was excited for (lookin’ at YOU, Hellboy!!), but I don’t think that will be the case this time around. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Sadly, it was reported yesterday that Lorraine Warren passed away. She and her husband, Edward Warren, were that basis of the Conjuring franchise, and they had a long and impactful career as paranormal investigators and authors. Whether you’re a believer in such things or not, you can’t deny they did good by bringing peace of mind to families across the world. I hope she’s found peace in the afterlife, whatever that may be.

In brighter news, I’ve released the cover art for my upcoming YA novel, Moving Through, which will be published under my pseudonym ‘Chase Will.’

Moving Through isn’t a horror novel at all, which is why I’ve decided to publish it under a different name. It’s a novel about the loss of a loved one, something I’m sure everyone can relate to at some level. I wrote it a little over 10 years ago, when I was a senior in high school, and although I tinkered with it several times over the years, it always found its way back into my desk drawer.

However, since I recently lost a brother, I feel like now is the right time to return to this project and finally release it into the world. It’s been therapeutic to re-read the several different versions of the story I wrote (no, seriously, I tinkered the fuck out of this story, and each version is vastly different), and it feels good to add to the sections dealing specifically with the parts of mourning no one likes to talk about. Again, I wrote this when I was 19, and I’d never lost anyone close to me at that point in my life; I knew people who lost loved ones in horrible ways, and they would tell me from time to time what they were feeling….but I was still writing about this pain with a very limited understanding. Truth be told, this sort of pain will probably never go away, and I don’t anticipate ever being rid of this clenched iron fist holding onto my heart, so maybe getting these actual feelings down in a creative way will help a little.

Moving Through 3D

Moving Through synopsis:

“His best friend just died of cancer.

His sanity is questionable.

He’s started a school-wide rebellion.

This has not been the typical senior year for Trey.

Sex, prom night, and the world’s most disastrous talent show are just a few of the attractions in this private Hell. But with a little help from his 3 a.m. crew of misfits, Trey may just glue the pieces of his shattered world into a weapon worth wielding.”

I don’t have a set release date yet, but I’m looking at early Winter 2019.


In Birthday Girl related news, I’ve been quickly trucking along with the sequel, Birthday Girl: Coronation. I like this one a lot, probably a little more than the first one. Although it certainly doubles down on the weirdness, it’s not as sexual or violence-driven as its predecessor. The first book was rapid fire, with one event quickly following another from beginning to end. Although this was intentional, because I like to keep a fast pace especially in such a short book, the sequel has a lot more breathing room. That’s not to say it’s “slow,” only that it makes more time for character development and world building. It expands the mythology of the first book, and it has a lot of heart (I daresay, if the ending doesn’t make you cry just a little bit, you’ve got a heart of stone).

Plot summary and cover art for Birthday Girl: Coronation coming soon!

Again, from my fucked up heart to yours, have a happy Easter! If you’ve got some alone time and you’re actively seeking new horror-themed music to check out, I suggest giving Harley Poe a try. I’ve been a fan of theirs for years, and Joe Whiteford just released their latest album “Have a Great Life” on Friday. Listen here!


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