A Bloody Good Time


It’s April 14th….WINTER IS HERE!! Who’s excited to watch all their favorite Game of Thrones characters die horribly over the next month?

I’m joking, of course. I love this show, and it’s a bummer that it’s almost wrapped. I’m very impressed, however, that HBO saw the project through from beginning to end without cancelling the show for some odd reason. Television networks are infamous for cancelling successful shows, and I’m happy Game of Thrones fans get to see an ending to the near-decade-long series.

It’s been an interesting weekend here in Northern Ohio. Although it’s not quite tourist season (which is similar in many ways to Mayfly-and-Other-Annoying-Creatures-Season), the areas is already lousy with terrible drivers and obnoxious heavyweights dressed in clothing three sizes too small. I’m not a badge-carrying member of the fashion police, nor am I much of a model citizen, but…you understand exactly what I’m talking about if you live in a touristy area or have ever stepped foot in a busy Wal-Mart, where Pajama People roam free.

Friday night was the beginning of a long and fun weekend. I went out with a few friends from work, and though I didn’t anticipate having more than one or two beers, I ended up enjoying myself a bit too much. We ended up roaming the Sanduky/Huron bars for about ten hours, and in my humble (alcoholic) opinion, it was time and money well spent.

Yesterday was supposed to be a stay-at-home-and-write day. I don’t actually have too many of those, since my writing time is usually from 9-11 p.m. and an entire day of forcing progress sounds like a road to Burnout City. So, given that I knew I was full of shit when I scheduled this full day of progress, I wasn’t too disappointed in myself when I went out with friends instead.


A group of us did an escape room in the Toledo area, and that’s always a great time. This was one where there’s an actor in the room with you for the entire hour, which sorta threw me off a little bit. It worked well, though, since our group of four could really use the clues (the room was designed for larger groups). Our group made it out by the skin of our teeth…with ONE MINUTE LEFT!


An equally impressive highlight of the weekend was after the escape room, when we all dined out at Black Rock Bar & Grill. In case you’ve never heard of this place (which I hadn’t), it’s a steakhouse where you order a raw slab of meat and all the fixings…and then you cook the meal yourself on a personal 700-degree heated stone brought to your table. It was a very interesting way of eating, and it definitely was worth the hour wait to be seated. By this point in the day I’d enjoyed a few beverages, so along with the food, I was equally impressed I managed to not touch the hot stone. I have a history of touching hazardous surfaces right after someone says “Careful, it’s very hot” or “This will really, really hurt you if you touch it.” Maybe it’s a pride thing, maybe I was born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline. Regardless, I award myself a gold star for leaving the restaurant with my hands completely intact.


I got to see a few new horror movies recently, one of which was Pet Sematary. I loved the original movie (haters gonna hate), and I don’t understand why it was remade “for today’s audiences.” Having said that, it wasn’t a complete waste of two hours; the third act goes in a completely new direction, and that was pretty interesting. Although the actors were dull and the makeup effects were severely lacking (Question: if a child is hit by a speeding semi truck, would they be A) Horribly Mangled or B) Completely Free of Wounds?) it was an okay movie. Keep your expectations for Stephen King movies low and you’ll never be disappointed.

If you want to see a REALLY good movie, give Jordan Peele’s Us a chance. It’s not quite as funny as Get Out, but it’s a really good throwback to 80s movies like C.H.U.D. (which eagle-eyed viewers will notice in the opening scene) and it has a full cast of talented actors who get to play multiple roles. The twist is a real mind bender. If you’ve seen it already, what were your thoughts?

Cover art for Birthday Girl: Coronation is coming soon!


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