Happy (Belated) National Siblings Day!


Yesterday was National Siblings Day! I unfortunately didn’t know this was even a holiday until it already passed, but it’s a good thing I noticed, because…

Birthday Girl: Coronation follows a pair of siblings. I can’t give much more information just yet, though I can say neither sibling appeared in Birthday Girl.

The cover reveal for Birthday Girl: Coronation is coming soon. Keep checking back or, better yet, subscribe to this page’s RSS feed so you’ll be the first to know when there’s news on upcoming books and events!

Also, of you’re tired of seeing the same collection of horror cliches in mainstream horror movies, take a chance on something new. Two of my favorite sources for extreme horror are Unearthed Films and CryptTeaze. The latter is a brilliant review site with lots of movie, TV, and book reviews from fresh voices. Check ’em out!

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