“Hey you guuuuuuys!”

Sorry for the inconsistent time between posts, I’ve been running all around lately and didn’t schedule time to post updates.

Ready? (Deep breath) Here we go!


Last Wednesday (12/12) I had my first ever live reading event promoting “Birthday Girl” at Grounds for Thought in Bowling Green, OH. The location is special to me because not only do they have some bomb ass coffee, but it’s also where I wrote the first draft of “Birthday Girl” (as well as three other books) while I was living in BG. It’s a very laid back atmosphere that’s perfect for chatting with friends, studying for exams, or just taking a lazy day surrounded by books, movies, comics, and records. GFT was very kind to put this event on for me, and I honestly can’t say enough about how supportive their staff has been.


The event went VERY well! I was nervous at first, and the days leading up to the event were a bit tense and filled with self-doubt (“What if I’m a phony?? What if this has all just been bullshit??”) but I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout as well as the enthusiastic reception. I kept the intro short and sweet, since an unknown writer talking about themself and their process is hardly exciting to a live audience. Mostly, I just gave a broad strokes plot summary and a bit of background anout what inspired the story and its themes. My guest reader, Sierra Chambers of Crypt Teaze, did a phenomenal job reading Chapter Five (10 whole pages of brutal action!), and I was very impressed by how she handled the dialogue and the tense moments. The biggest highlight that made me smile endlessly (still smiling, in fact) was the audience’s reaction to my twisted Christmas story, “The Magriol Before Christmas.” The language wasn’t quite as “PG-13” as the rest of my heavily-edited content, but the shop didn’t have any younger kids or senior citizens inside, so I think they were okay with me letting a few “dirty words” slip 🙂

Although this Christmas story played very well, it’s actually one of TWO stories I wrote specially for this reading. The first story was much longer, and it played more into the mythology in the third act of “Birthday Girl,” but it was simply WAAAAAY too dark! My goal is to entertain, not scar for life, so I put that story aside and wrote a three-page rhyming poem with a bit more humor. However, I do plan on making the original story available here on my website in the very near future…so stay tuned!

I have another reading scheduled for this Wednesday (12/19) at Now That’s Class in Cleveland, OH, one of the best punk-alt bars I’ve attended. The event will start at 7 p.m. and likely wrap up by 8, but if you like beer, blood, and badass bitches, you should come check it out!

Additionally, I have two events scheduled for April 2019. These will be added to my calendar as soon as they’re confirmed.

In other news, directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch are hosting the 3rd annual “Movie Crypt Live 48-Hour Marathon” at http://www.ariescope.com to raise money for the Save The Yorkies Rescue, a non-profit organization that puts in a lot of work to give better lives to dogs that have been abandoned, abused, or worse. Even if you have a super busy weekend, I highly recommend turning it on for background noise throughout the weekend, and maybe consider donating a few bucks in their Go Fund Me page. Green and Lynch are two of the nicest guys in Hollywood, and the sacrifices they make to help non-profits is unparalleled by anyone else in the horror industry. Also, they make really great movies!

More updates coming soon. Keep it creepy 🙂


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